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two old people kissing

when they say it’s hard,they are not even kidding.

 it’s an understatement.

in my estimation, it’s a miracle that anyone stays married at all.

even the laziest of the lazy at some point can muster up enough “umph”

 to say

“that’s just it. i deserve better.”

and for every single one of us

that’s probably true and also

very very


i’m glad that i don’t get what i deserve and that’s not me being a uber self-deprecating christian, either.

it believe people are good.

shocking as it may be.

we didn’t send out the kind of wedding invites that say “today i marry my best friend”

his best friend was dave and i was just plain out for me and my baby girl

and for real love.

 yesterday i went out for an anniversary date with my best friend. he’s my husband and that is nothing but the work of god.we both know it. everyone does.

there was a underattended jazz festival downtown.

have you ever heard a jazz band play “bridge over troubled water?” me either. this one did.

we winked at eachother knowing who we’ve been and who we are striving to become.

i laughed. really. he made me laugh out loud.

wanna hear something else funny? i asked joe if we were gonna do it all again today, would he?

he said,” heck yes! immediately, without hesitation.”

“really? me, too”

that is the intersection of knowing what god has done

knowing that his character never changes.

we wanted to go someplace a little fancy, 10th anniversary and all. joseph picked a lovely bistro with jazz downtown (thematic, i guess, that smoothie)

a salad (a veggie salad ) was $28.

so we shared appetizers and beat it round the corner to “our regular place”.

i love

i just (l-0-v-e) love

the we have


regular place.

we snapped a cheesy pic on the patio.

“post it to facebook, and call it ‘two old people kissing'” says joseph.

“cool. i will. look at my wrinkles.”

he tells me he loves me and that i’m so beautiful and i soak that in like a michigan girl soaks the sun in june.

“thanks, pal”

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. “romans 12:9


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