Christian Living, Social Justice

why it matters

tonight we went to a community which needed help.

heck, every community-person needs help-right?

i sure do.

tonight we went to a trailer park to feed some folks dinner and love on them for a “family fun night”

it was.

i promise you, my family had fun and i’m sure we were not the only ones.

i remember being five and six with mats in my hair, convinced somehow that the parents who loved me …didn’t. it wasn’t true. tonight we came to speak the truth. that we are loved. that we are treasured.

and made in the image of the living god.

here’s what i’ve learned that god looks like

left over salad

empty trays of brownies replaced with ice cream

a daddy having to ask himself “why IS my sons favorite subject?”

and a man with cancer

finding life.

and that…more abundantly.

 today and each day this is new to me. it’s never old news to see the good news take root. still i wonder “what if someone wanted to come home with us? what if they needed a safe place to sleep? why is it so easy to bring a smile, my old sweater and a stretch to offer my…phone number even?


because we all are the needy.

we all are.

“they shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free.” john 8:32


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