Christian Living, Finding Peace, Grieving


i read the bible for the first time at time at this table.

in this room.

our old house in



we brought my son home from the hospital to this room, in his terry cloth p.j.s and skull-cap.

none of us knowing what we were in for.

there used to be a rocking chair in this room.

 i would sing

 and say, “ssshhhhhh...”

i myself learned how to hush sometimes.

 to “be still and know that he is god.”

and that this is his house…

even as it is posted on craigslist.

it’s a funny, a hard thing this “letting go and letting god.”

it’s a fleshy thing

this is the work which must

be done

and all together


let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.  hebrews 10:23


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