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the 7th inning stretch

i honestly didn’t want to go to the game. it was a thing for work and so i went, with my sweet son and a sitter in tow to help out.

the kids were geeked about the game

the ice cream served in mini helmets

the teams mascot being


and me, tired like moms are after a long days work and knowing more awaited me very early the next morning.

and then it hits me- or for the fun of baseball, i should say it strikes me.

this is the best stuff in life.

a baseball game with me 8-year-old son. enjoy this blessing mama.

“repent, change your thinking, the kingdom is at hand”

the announcer booms “stay for the fireworks following tonight’s game!”

can we? can we please?


and thank god we did.

they were magnificent.

but more

we have a new wonderful memory.

thank god that from time to time i actually get it right and choose selflessness. dying to myself is hard. so hard to-well-everyone, right? yet-i wonder why?

when it’s always


never tire of doing what is right. 2 thessalonians 3:13


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