Christian Living, Finding Peace, Grieving

the beauty of simplicity



the first thing we did when we reclaimed our old house from the renters was…


remove the wierd and witchy artifacts they left behind to freak us out.

the second thing was forgive them.

then room by room we began a list:

spakle bedroom wall

hang light fixture

repair glass


paint and paint and paint.

it truly is amazing the difference a clean coat of white paint can make.

even things that look clean and white

are not

next to clean white paint.

i love the part of revolution when the cherubim and seraphim and circling the throne of god

and they are covering their faces with their wings

and saying “holy holy holy is the lord god almighty”

like they could not stand to be in his presence

without diverting their gaze. like they eyes would burn out or melt if they took a peek.

like he is fully truly holy.

sometime i think i understand that kind of holy.

and then i paint a wall that i thought

was white,


i can see. i’m not white. or clean, but he is. he really really is.

and he’s taking his brush to me.


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