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painted hands and feet

when we took possession of our house from the family who had rented it, i made a commitment.

i would clean and paint this house like christ was coming to the house.

that is, after all, what we want.

for him to roam the halls.

eat, sleep, work and rest with us.

this was olympic style cleaning and painting.

this was, as the kids say, “epic” cleaning and painting.

marathon ,gillian micheals screaming in my face, “clean!” cleaning.

it was “order chinese cuz i ain’t cookin’ today” deep deep cleaning.

and here is the fortune that came with my 10 minute lunch break:

good thing, too.

i lost everything in the stock market crash.

you’d think i’d be great to loss by now:




at church the lord showed me a picture.

of a beautiful sand sculpture like the tibetan buddist monks make

and then


then he showed me a picture of me

crushed like sand

and blown


so i have to learn to soften.


let go

let god.

to be his hands and feet

i have to die.

and when i do

i live.

or what is more…he lives more and more.

let it be.

galatians 2:20

i have been crucified with christ and I no longer live, but christ lives in me. the life I live in the body, i live by faith in the son of god, who loved me and gave himself for me.


2 thoughts on “painted hands and feet”

  1. Appreciate your blog and your radio ministry, Shannyn! Thank you for practicing and developing your beautiful gift of communication!

    What does “living in the tention” mean?

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