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begging for a basket

there is no doubt he loves us.

he loves us.

not to sound like a crowder band* song, but…


loves us.


there was a rabbit in our backyard today.

liam went outside to touch him (or her, to be fair) and i followed him because

one: i’m not 100% certain rabbits are always nice

two: because i kinda wanted to pet her, too


three: my garden is by the rabbit and i’ve read peter rabbit, thank you.

so off we went to “see the bunny!” who quickly

hopped away.

but my garden…

had ,quick as a bunny, turned from blossom to bursting

overnight. last evening before sundown, i had baby veggies-today, full grown works of his hand-begging for a basket.

god is so good. so faithful.

when i pulled into my drive after work today i thought,

 maybe “unfried” tomatoes as a dinner side.

but the lord, provided us with a feast.

and as i plucked the unexpected fruit, i couldn’t help but sing “oh jehovah, hey jehovah.”

when i was blessed to travel to ghana, i was struck by the joy and gratitude of the people.

seemingly starving, yet when i asked each women and child if i could pray for them they didn’t ask to the lord to provide food or water

they asked (and still do) for prayer that their relationship with jesus christ would deepen.

“blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” matt 5:3

blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. matt 5:6

these are his promises and out of everyone in life who’s ever broken a promise

(all of us)

he hasn’t, never would and never will.

my son liam says, recognizing the song from my trip, “that trip to africa was a blessing from god, mom. those people were blessed to have you come.”

“it was a blessing to be used by god, liam”

“yes,” he says.

so tonight, with a belly full of what the very king has provided,

i rest like soil beneath his feet.


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