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should i stay or should i go?

liam was adamant.

“i do not want to go to kids camp.”

“why buddy? they have a bounce house, water cannons. it’s gonna be a blast.”

“i don’t want to go. i don’t have any friends at our church.”

“i understand, pal,” i say, my heart breaking.

i get a little dizzy as i fumble and pray for the right words to give him.

something to encourage him, uplift him, challenge him to try.

i remember this awful feeling. my family moved at least every three years of my childhood-and more than twice a year at a couple of points.

i didn’t have friends. not real deep, tried and true friends.




and also


we’ve lived here for just under a year.

“buddy, how ’bout if we just go check it out and see if it’s fun. we don’t have to stay.”

he shrugs his shoulders.

“let’s just see. it may be fun, and if it stinks, we’ll fly.”


“let me just pack your stuff if, on the off-chance, it rocks-you’ll be ready.”


the youth pastor’s house is

a fair-ground, at least today it is.

liams bounces in the inflatable and i pray with the other moms.

then pastor dave reigns us all in for a song and the gospel.

for instructions

and team assignments.

“here we go…”i think. “or, here we stay, perhaps.

“what do you think, pal? ya wanna hang out?”

“liam- you have to stay! it’s so fun! you really have to,” shouts a little angel from youth group.

 she’s a year older than liam.

they go to the same school.




“k” say’s liam. “i want to stay.”

“cool, bud. listen, at any point if you want me to come get you, just ask pastor to call me and i’ll come right away.”

he gives me a heart felt-eye contact smile, knowing that was the truth in love, right there.

and just like that, he’s called onto the blue team.

there are all different kinds of brave,

 aren’t there?

ecc. 4:9 “two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: if one falls down, his friend can help him up.”


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