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who do you love?

when joseph i and were married, we planted a tree.

“what tree grows fast and doesn’t easily die?” i asked joe when i went to the nursery at k-mart to pic a seedling.

“white pine.” he said. he’s a tree man. he knows. and we planted it in the soil of our family property in northern michigan.

we decorated it with crystal christmas tree ornaments and all us hippies prayed.

that tree has seen much more than it’s fair share of storms.

but, as far as fair shares are concerned, who says like is fair?

see…between now and then, we found christ. he saved us. that, as they say, is that.

the lord is our shelter. our ever-present help in times of trouble. we stand on this.

last month we celebrated 10 year of marriage. that is a victory hard-fought and won by jesus.

there is absolutely no doubt that he is alive and he saved us. he crushed us like glass is crushed into a sandy pulp and them added his fire to mold us into a new creation, like a glass blower sets his rod into dust and draws in painfully, carefully into an orb then skillfully bends it to his will.

this is our story.

lord, use us. bend us. may we be soft and pliable. my we mold and bend to your will.

i look at that tree now and i scarcely recognize it from its start. the same is true of the marriage.

understand, i know this is to some an unpopular message.

it’s also true.

it is true.

to be needy is just unpopular.






does that “suck”? no.  is that “hard”? yes and no. is it “true”? yes. it is true.

we are sunk without him. we call ourselves saved for a reason.

i love that our tree is evergreen.  that is in the lords hands, as well. but there are things for which i’m more profoundly grateful. i’m learning to ask better questions.

 john 6:24
i tell you the truth. he who believes in me will not die, but have everlasting life.

5 thoughts on “who do you love?”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how much that tree grew!…there is a tree we planted at my elementary school when I was little….I am amazed how big it is,, kinda cool.

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