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the first cut is the deepest

they must have come in through the front door.

maybe picked the lock box and used the key to come

right on in.

it’s called “stripping the copper”. remember the 80’s when people “stripped” cars? well this is the 2011 equivalent of that, i guess.

guys (and yes, i’ll say guys because i’ve never ever heard of a lady stripper. not this kind anyway.


snip! it up and swoop it out the door then sell it for scrap. i guess it’s worth about $3/lb which adds up.

they were thorough, i’ll have to give them that.  they knew what they were doing.

no one in the neighborhood saw or heard a thing.

i’ve done a bit of swearing the last couple day.

not proud of it,

just sayin’ it’s true.

i’ve also grown tired of the sound of my own voice sayin’

 “can you believe that?” and “i can’t believe it.”

de-ni-al anyone?

i’m mad and i’m trying to decide if it’s riotous anger



i do know this:

bad things happen. people make mistakes. we are all broken.

and …

i am to forgive. 7 x 70, as i have been forgiven.

end of story.

i’m grateful. god is good. he is our provider.

i’m excited because i know that he’s

about to do a miracle and i simply can’t wait to see what it is.

mat 6:12 forgive us the wrongs that we have done, as we forgive the wrongs others have done us.


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