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signs, signs everywhere there’s signs

it is in my nature to believe the best in people.

that’s why, when someone just this week broke into my house and stole all the pipes, i repeat the mantra “i can’t believe it”.

it is that very trust in the goodness of man which sustained me in the city of detroit for more than 15 years. i love people. i trust them. even the so-called “bad ones”.

friday, i got the call that our house in detroit had been stripped-the day before it was to be inspected and sold. i’m mad it happened-mostly

i’m super mad this happened

in detroit.

my hubby says “not detroit-ferndale” i say “fine, then. metro detroit”.

i am a giant cheerleader, prayer warrior for the d. i hope and wish and pray daily for the best to come from and to the city and it’s people.

it you’ve ever seen a sign that said “pray for detroit”- i am the chick behind it.

god-it just kills me. it makes me want to puke. it makes me want to weep.

i sit and shake my head and think a thought i never wanted to think:

 “i’m so glad we got out”.

that’s what bumbs me most.

we love love love, detroit.

we love it’s food and colors and smells and style and even it’s fear factor. it is a grubby, hardworking town. i love the eastern market and fresh fruit vendors. i love it’s music, churchs,  people.

the d gets such a bad wrap. what a drag, i mean real drag, that this happened there. gosh-i wish the house was in pretty any other city. just not detroit. not because we don’t love that awesome city, but because my pipes got stipped there and it makes the town look bad.

seriously-if they got stripped in atlanta, or marquette- it would be a crime, not a cliche’.


please…for the sake of us all




“in this world you will have trials of many kinds. but, be of good cheer. i have overcome the world. “



2 thoughts on “signs, signs everywhere there’s signs”

  1. I was robbed a few years ago while I was at work. I am a chaplain with adolescent drug addicts, gang members, abuse victims, etc. I was pretty upset. While I was off ministering to kids, someone entered my home and took my stuff. I live in the suburbs. A friend told me this story about John Wesley. One day, while on the road, he was robbed. When he got home, Wesley thanked God for three things:
    1. That the bandit didn’t take everything he had.
    2. The bandit didn’t take his life.
    3. That he was not the one robbing people.
    That God has rescued me from my wickedness so that I am not living up to my most evil potential.
    I’m sorry you were robbed. I’m thankful that you are in Christ.

    1. well, brother, i’m sorry you were robbed, too. never fun. thanks for the great work that you do and for your insight. wesley rocks and jesus-well-he’s the savior. i can’t wait to read more of your blog. i subscribed. peace!

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