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less is more

his ways are not our way. that’s true. that’s wonderful.

we, my family, were outrageously close to broke-by “the world’s” standards. yet swimming in a pool of blessing by his standards.

that’s also true.

broke can be beautiful. yet, i was overwhelmed with fear. this is my habit. my tendency.

we were broke so i went for a walk to talk with god and with any pastor who would answer the phone on a monday.

thankfully,  jodi answered and reminded me that his ways are not our ways. yep…i need to hear it, too.

even though i know it through and through.

“he will care for you”, she said. “can you give your last 20 to your daughter so she can go to the fair?”

“yes, okay. i get paid on thursday. joe has a job this week.”

“good. good.”

“just for today, right? do not worry about tomorrow, right?”


i thank god in heaven above for my christian friends. then zena (who’s blog you should follow) told me, “oh shannyn, i wish i was there.” and we just prayed our heads right off.

next day, pasta with parmesan and butter was for dinner. some garlic bread. some salad. absolutely decadent.


for real.

god is so good. faithful.

he truly does provide.

“look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them.”



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