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a really good deal

i couldn’t resist the deal. knowing that my husband has already dropped hints-loud hints-that a new gaming station would come to us on christmas, i couldn’t resist the deal.
yes,it was a door-buster. yes, the concept sort of sickens me on principle, but still…
the deal…
almost like being paid two hundy
to stand in the store
for an hour
and a half.
i did it and i got it.
merry christmas.
then, on the way to check out, they caught me-the retail geniuses did.
5 bucks for a 3 pack of fuzzy jammy pants!
my teen daughter love those, lives in them!
how great it would be, just 5 buck and another “i love them, thank you!” is still beneath the tree.

then i think, i know
these are the things we hear about.
these are the things make by a kid somewhere
china, most likely.
i remember a story of a kids literally chained to a sewing machine.
i remember another story of a kid with a young face scared from a beating.
he had asked to take a break.
not biting.
it really, truely matters.
it does.

i’m convicted of this thing:

we can’t sponsor a child and post their pic on our fridge to feel like we are doing “our part” and at the same time-enslave (even indirectly).

he came to set the captives free.

for free…

that’s a really good deal.


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