Christian Living, Finding Peace, Grieving, Social Justice

rosa parks day 2011


how many times, i wonder, do i sit on my rump and do nothing?

thinking “i should give a pie to the family in my church” but leave in my freezer.

or promise to visit my 90 year-old-neighbor until it snows and i’m cold.

often. far far to often.

why? i’ll tell you why.

because when put under a micro-scope at times

i don’t think the simple thing will really make a difference.

or maybe-in truth-i can be very selfish.

rosa parks sat on her rump, in the front of a bus one day,

not to make a point.

not as an act of social justice.

she refused to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus simply because she was tired.

she’d worked all day long and her feet hurt.

she said it herself many times.

and what she did…or in this case, didn’t do,

changed the world.


maybe being just to tired to move is what it takes sometimes.

maybe there has to come a point when i (when we) just stop and say, “no”.

and not a ‘hold up a sign and march and shout” kind of “no” either, although there is certainly reason for that…

but when your just to tired to move another step or speak

when you come to the end of your own power and simply surrender and let the proverbial chips fall where they may,

then the true strength-his strength,

the true cause- his cause

the truth itself





once we know that jesus is the truth-why don’t we all become radical representatives of his kingdom?

walking with him is hard, that’s why. and we will be mocked and marginalized and that’s not fun or pretty.

but, like rosa did-i want to walk with him so steadfastly and vigerously that when push comes to shove, i cannot and will not move because my feet just plain hurt.



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