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the intersection of james and james

i remember when i got that tattoo.

 jocking at a rock station in dayton, ohio.

i got the tat in part because the chics in the smells like teen spirit video were so cool, i just had to get one, too.

in part declare “this is my body” to my husband

-who i barely knew.

it was a pretty-ish tat back then-an inky black wreathe

but the darn the thing is old and faded

and spread all out. (can’t imagine why)

so today, i met a lovely man named james and he does piecing, scarification and tattoo removal.

james calls his buisiness “holey body” and once he worked on a lady from the vadican, so i felt i was in good hands.

he prayed with me and i popped in my ear-buds to “third day-i want to sing a song”

and read the book of james outloud.

and james zapped zapped zapped  zapped zapped zapped zapped

me with a lazer.

which did, in fact hurt. but now-and am closer to laying down that old worn-out self.

so long self.

hey wait, that’s a “third day” song!

i guess i’ll listen to it next time i see james.

and we’ll finish the book






3 thoughts on “the intersection of james and james”

  1. Shannyn, I would LOVE to have his info..I too have a tattoo that needs removed (I refer to it as Gods sense of humor) It’s a baby Devil the size of my calf, I received when I was 13. I received 1 removal treatment a few years ago (and yes, they hurt)
    Thank you…and Congratulations!!

  2. Cool-let’s play the “what do I see in the ink blot” game! Ummmmm – I see a my little pony eating whipped cream. Love you babe!! Good talking (and coughing) with you.

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