Christian Living, Finding Peace, Homemaking, Marriage, Prayer

if we had known…

if we had known, we never would have done it.

for real.

it’s a good thing we didn’t know how hard it would be

 to pull that darn carpet up.

in the closert of this house…perfect finished hardwoods!



the carpet, everywhere else?

old and nasty.





so, we pulled that stuff light up to find…

lovely hardwoods!





for a week we scrapped until it felt like the bones in our wrists were breaking.

towels…hot water….

it was like a baby was being born.

it’s a good thing we didn’t know how hard it would be until we were well past the point to no return.

we have some friends-jim and linda-

and we call them sometimes because john officiated the renual of our wedding vows.

and when we made those vows-well…it was like we were looking in the closet and seeing finished oak.

but then….well….we get to yanking up the top layer

and see where the…

black, dark tar and all the bad choices and how absolutely stuck to us they are.

and we think “oh, god. we can’t do this.”


and ya know what? we’re right. we can’t.


i think that’s how he set it up.

hard and lavish and meant to be done together.

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”


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