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get your shine on shannyn!


this is the fruit of our labor.

beautiful beautiful hard woods

brought about by

beautiful beautiful hard work.

ain’t they puuuurdy?

now….how to keep them….purdy at a thrift-tastic price?

enter…this nifty tool!


i love it for a couple of reasons:

1-it’s way way cheaper than a swifer starter kit

2-i get to make my own cleaning solution for it-which continues the cost effectiveness and allows me to “green it up” if i want.

i’m going to try several cleaning combo’s in this fine thaaang and i’ll keep you posted on what works best.

my first cleaning combo is based only on smell!

i’m loving jasime right now. it reminds me of california and inspires peace and creativity

 so i chose to combine these two things with water in the tank.


“dawn” shows up all over the place as the “uber-cleaner” and to be honest-i have no idea what make “dawn” different than any other dish soap. but i’m giving mom bloggers the benefit of the doubt and giving it a shot!

i’m using two teaspoons of dawn and 10 drops of this essential oil.

and now i …..or more to the point…

my kiddo will take this for a spin around our lovely new floors!

i’ll let you know how well it works



 phil 4:18 “a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to god.”


1 thought on “get your shine on shannyn!”

  1. Dawn is the best – and if you mix it with water and glycerin it makes bubble juice capable of making gigantic bubbles – which I bet is also pleasing to God!

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