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mommy needs quite time

everyone has a long day from time to time.

even a good day calls us to quiet and rest.

sometimes it’s hard, right? to balance between being “present” to you family and still…

have time




(pause cuz my son has a point to make. he wants to make a cheese taco stand. a buck a taco-mmmmm taco)

any how…

i was saying that sometimes a mommy needs to chill.

to that end, i’ll say that nothing is as good as prayer and time with god.





and i l.o.v.e. LOVE great smells. great smells unravel me.

my dad’s pipe. mom’s youth dew. coffee. baked bread and aveda (whatever that smell is, i love it)

the aveda smell makes me feel like i slept for 10 hours and ran a marathon with perfect hair and make-up while chugging a carrot beet juice.

it’s goooooood. 🙂

i’ve been googling ( i must confess) to hound down the aveda scent.

here’s the best i can glean:

lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot, rosemary, peppermint, and orange

now….to learn the tricks of the base, middle and top notes.

that, i’m sure is the secret and i’ll blog on it soon.

until then…play with those oils, if you want. let me know if you come upon the “perfect blend”


enjoy your quiet time!



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