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a prayerful feast for syria.

my grandmother was 100% syrian. the story goes that her mother bought a ticket to take the boat to the u.s. while she was pregnant, but delivered before she departed, so she strapped my infant grandma to her belly,under her dress and they came here together.


my family was from damascus and i’ve always planned to go there one day. i want to look into their eyes and see mine staring back. i want to walk where saul met jesus and became paul.

grandma taught me some important things and high on that list is how to cook (and swear) in arabic!

so, as my heart is bleeding for the people of syria and the war and the lack of help! i am reminded that our strongest weapon is the power of prayer.

last night, i was cooking dinner-syrian salmon with green beans and rice


-i hugged into praying for the people of syria-there provision, peace and safety and it hit me-i’m going to cook arabic food this month. every day this month. my hope is that same my kitchen begins to waft with the aromas of mint and cumin and fennel and cucumber-the lord will find the fragrance a pleasing offering and that he will move on their behalf.

will you join me in prayer?

sweet jesus, we talk you for appearing to saul on that road and removing the scales from his eyes and mine, too.  lord, i pray for peace in syria. god provide for them. give them help-food, doctors and god i ask to swords to be beating to plowshares. cover the children. cover their moms and dads. god, let cool heads prevail for your glory. in jesus name. amen.



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