Finding Peace

My everything is cold


Everyone in Arizona, California, Florida and places like that, God bless ya.

I’m not mad at you for being warm.

To my brothers and sister who are freezing cold right now, can we have a moment?

I need to vent.

Oh Lord, how these long winters can chill my bones.

Everyone I KNOW wants to hide under heaps of blankets and cry…

Drink cocoa and cry…

Pet our puppies and snuggle our kittens while looking out our windows to cry.

Enough. I’m not trying to be mellow dramatic, here.

This is the truth and anyone who’s living where it’s been 10* for a month knows it all too well.

Now, I’m a grateful girl.

I am. I tend to see the glass and half full…

Heck…I’ll see a half full glass and 3/4 but this, well…the water is ICE.

And it’s not cute anymore.

I’ve taken the kids sledding and skating and skiing.

We’ve made an igloo…a boss one.

We’ve made our snow angles.

We’ve worn our cute sweaters.


Thanks for playing.



Even the adorable trend of leg warmers and boots is not enough to make me want to hang with you for one more week, let alone a month…more…much more.


I wish I could write some eloquent sonnet on grace for the winter, but for real…

I’m not even kidding…

My bones hurt. My brain hurts. My butt…I can’t even FEEL it anymore.

I know that there is a time fore everything and all that jazz about “going inward” and what is happening beneath the surface. I love that, I get it. I agree.

But going to the grocery store should not  be a Cross-fit workout.

The end.



4 thoughts on “My everything is cold”

  1. I hope we can still be friends after this post. I’m lying in a small room in the Dominican Republic and it’s so hot that I can’t sleep so I got up to turn the fan on. Tomorrow we are going to the beach and drinking pina colada’s served in pineapples. However, Saturday, as I step off the plane I will, once again, feel your pain.

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