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To Sleep/Perchance to Dream

Two WEEKS without sleep! Two WEEKS, friend.
It’s been nuts.
It’s not like I’ve been laying in bed, tossing and turning or worrying or wrapped in a great book. I’ve been…painfully awake.
WIDE awake.
Dr. Google suggested that it may be a sign on peri-menopause.
The idea of being sleepless for a year…or a decade is not one I cherish.
I swear to you, I’m just recovering form my BABIES keeping me up all night.
So, I’ve launched an attack, or more like built a fortress on my sleep time and it starts with the UNTHINKABLE. I gave up coffee.
I know.
BUT, just for a day. Just to see if it would help.
Believe ME, I love coffee. We home-roast. It’s one of my few vices and I really would love to keep it, but I need sleep even more than I need coffee and that’s sayin’ something! But I host a morning show and the alarm goes off a 4:30 a.m. if I slept or not.
Desperate times, as they say, call for desperate measures!
So I said, go home, Java. You can take the day off.

Guess what? It was not awful!
Chai rocks!
So, I’m having another coffee free day today, and I don’t have a headache, not do I feel like killing anyone. Woot!

I want to share with you the bedtime routine (protocol) I created, based on my best research, to help you should you have sleep trouble. I did this last night and it worked! I slept quickly and soundly.
I ran a hot bath and diffused Young Living Peace and Calming in my bathroom. I admit, I don’t love the smell, but it works. It’s good medicine. The oil also, you should know, calms my insane dog right down. Seriously.

for info on this oil, comment or pm me. i'll be happy to help you.
for info on this oil, comment or pm me. i’ll be happy to help you.

Next, I drank a giant mug of camomile tea (I doubled down on the tea bags) and read a soothing, spiritual book on prayer. Try not to put anything jarring into your head before sleep. Reading about God. Read about His love.

i'm really enjoying this book. it's the circle maker by mark batterson. it's about prayer.
i’m really enjoying this book. it’s the circle maker by mark batterson. it’s about prayer.

Lastly, some time for prayer and meditation.
I did some restorative yoga and will share sleep time yoga with you in a post in the very near future. Simply laying on your back with your legs up the wall IS restorative yoga and calms the nervous system. I did “legs up the wall” for about 15 minutes.

Then, I headed to our room and tucked in. Dude, I can’t tell you house scared I got, thinking about IF ALL this (especially the day without COFFEE) would pay off.
The last thing I did was to rub some lavender oil into my feel, in the pressure points for the adrenal glands. I will share how to do this with you soon, but the info’s everywhere online. I learned from a youtube video.

lavender oil has been show to be as effective as sleeping pills in a blind study.
lavender oil has been show to be as effective as sleeping pills in a blind study.

Friends…praise report! I drifted right off and slept like a baby. I take that back, babies don’t sleep!
I slept.
I slept.

If you are having trouble, try this protocol.
If you have ideas of questions, post in the comments and I’ll do my best to help out.

Sweet dreams, dear one. God bless.


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