Dear Justin, Keep it Classy


Dear Justin,

We see you with your Super Bowl half time re-do and have this humble plea.

Keep it classy.

Justin  Timberlake, you know we love you.

You are a very talented cat.

You know that we, the mama’s, the classy classy ladies this Nation just beg you, sweet Justin.

You know we’ve loved you since the Mouse Club, Justin.

Since Britney….Justin. We’ve been praying.

Cheered you on through Star Search., Justin.

You have a gift. I mean a real gift. You know it.

We all know it.

You’re so smooth, you can dance,  you travel with a horn section.

So, Justin, keep it classy.

We remember, Justin.

You know what I mean, right?

We remember the thing with Janet and that statement out a “wardrobe malfunction, Justin” and….please….please…..Justin…..you are a Tennesee boy.

You’re the baby of Lynn and Charles…Charles the church choir director.

And lordy is they teach you, Justin. Praise God for the harmony, the skill and the soul, young man.

Justin, they, I’m sure will be watching with pride. Please make them proud.

For the church groups watching, keep it classy, Justin.

For the un-churched, keep it clean.

Show when what your father at home and your Father in heaven have taught you….

To dance like David and sing like an angel AND to keep it classy, Justin. Keep it and keep it clean.

You Justin Randel Timberlake are the last line of defense in the Half time show. You’re live. So very alive. So from the bottom of our NSync loving hearts,  speak life! And no matter what, Justin.

Keep it classy. Keep it clean.

Give ‘em heaven, Justin.

From a mom and fan who will be watching with her littles on Sunday.


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