Meet Shannyn


Who Shannyn is:

Shannyn Caldwell is the Host of Peter and Shannyn in the Morning on Family Life Radio and author of the book The Healing Season: How a deadly tornado wrecked and reshaped my faith . She’s been a guest on several national shows including Intentional Living. She’s a coffee snob, Shakespeare freak, Bible lover, brain behind the Joy Flash Mobs and graduate of Wright State University.

What Shannyn does:

Shannyn shares her passion with women’s groups, church groups and anyone in need of inspiration. She’s most frequently asked to conduct Healing Season workshops and events. Her other popular messages include: I am a princess, my Father is the King of Kings, Princess Warrior and My Test is my Testimony. Invite Shannyn to share here.  Purchase The Healing Season here!


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2 thoughts on “Meet Shannyn”

  1. Dearest Shannyn,

    I heard your story this morning and it reached down to the depths of my brittle mishappend heart. I felt compelled to write and reach out to you as I have prayed for years on behalf of my daughter Ashley. She is battling with a horrible eating disorder and fueled by alcohol and drugs making a viscous circle. She for the first time is open to God.

    She is a yoga teacher with many years and hours steeped in her practice. She has such a tender heart beneath all the layers of pain from rape, and a recent divorce that reignited her addictions. She just got out of treatment and is presently on an intensive outpatient program in Minneapolis. I live in Wisconsin.

    Ashley was born in Grand Rapids. I have been praying for years that the cycle of pain, self-loathing and alienation would be broken in out generations. That the years of the Locust would be restored.

    I am praying that we might all be “Oaks of righteousness, a planting of The Lord, that He might be glorified!” I continue to strive press on I. Faith inspite of disappointment and seeming impossible odds.

    Praising God for you and that I “happened” to stumble upon the radio station on the way to the grocery store this morning.

    In his love,


    1. Kelley, let’s pray. Jesus…I thank you for Kelley and her love for her sweet daughter. Lord, You know pain, brokenness, suffering. You are familiar to rejection and even with fear God. Jesus, you know that we hurt. You hear as we cry out and you, Lord care. You cry with us. So, Father, with out tears wetting your shoulder today, we lift up Ashley. God, out of your goodness and mercy, break the bonds that shekel her. Speak life, love and freedom to hear heart. Wherever her path brings Ashley today…to her yoga mat…Meet her there and speak life. To her bathroom to through-up. Meet her there and speak life. Jesus…renew her mind. Renew her spirit. Renew her body. Do what you do…SAVE this little lamb you dearly love. Send your Holy Spirit to comfort her mom, Lord. Give her the peace of knowing that Ashely is in your hands, Father. Give her the peace that comes with knowing your nearness. Give her your peace and even joy knowing that you will not stop until your kingdom, your will is done. In Jesus name. Amen.

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